О проекте
Pure Lemons Band (PLB) was created in Kiev in 2009. But the band goes back long before to its birth with this name. And the name of the band was chosen not without a reason. As it is well known a lemon is a very delicious and healthy fruit and the most important thing is that it's very valuable. Magical properties of this extremely cute fruit are used in cookery, medicine , cosmetology and many other fields. “So why can't we use that fruit in music as well“ - we thought. It's not sour at all, our lemon just has the character !!!)))))) And to be more precise, the lemon, in interpretation of PLB creativity, it is not only the character by itself but also the freshness of ideas, energy, positive, success, purpose, elixir of life!!!!! Musical PLB material consists of our own songs and from covers for popular compositions of different artists. We do our best that our listener should not be bored and could find his own balsam for his soul!! Because our music is 100% vitamin charge. Listen to Pure Lemons Band and strengthen your immunity!!!!))))))) Our band is open for conversation and collaboration with producers, concert organizers, journalists, PR technologists, photographers and with everybody who is interested in our creative work. ..

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В Kroogi с 27 августа 2010